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Integrate Marketing and Mobile


Did you know the best time to follow up after an incoming lead is within an 18-24 hour window?

Do you often need time to gather your data from several sources on reporting metrics to prepare documents for managers or owners?

Integrating marketing seamlessly with your service and sales systems gives immediate visibility on new leads, service calls, meetings, or case escalations to everyone who has access to that data. In many instances, you can create automated responses and capture web forms from your webpages for quick sales or service follow-up.

Adding a mobile interface for your staff to use when they are out of the office allows them to capture vital details, provide immediate visibility in the home system. The ability to capture detail out of the office and have it reflected in the home system is invaluable. It reduces the issue of translating notes, remembering details, and provides a view in the home system do there is no duplication of effort. Here are a few points to consider for incorporating marketing and mobile applications to your sales and service application:

  • Significantly reduces data entry duplication and potential errors after the fact
  • Provides activity visibility and productivity results to Management and Department heads
  • Accurately capture the ROI of a marketing effort
  • Understand your high-value prospects through reporting
  • Eliminate uploading lead and campaign response data, saving time, money, and increasing accuracy and efficiency
  • Precisely capture marketing, sales, and service metrics from any source for performance, improvement, and meeting targeted objectives


Do you or your staff spend significant time out of the office as a regular part of your day?

How do you track your new leads, service calls, notes, people you meet, or promising conversations?

Often, we find remembering details can be elusive. A person’s name is entered into the Sales or service system incorrectly, the phone number is off by a digit, or the email is incorrect. Or, even worse, a Mr. for a Ms.!

Mobile applications are adding new features making them easier to use and capture more data by your users, providing more actionable data for decision making.

  • Adding a simple mobile interface for your staff to use when out of the office to capture vital details while they are on the road captures data in both systems simultaneously.
  • Any systems personalization made to the primary system will extend to the mobile application.
  • New upgraded thumb swipe capability provides ‘mobile-type’ functionality for ease of use
  • A new voice-activated feature is coming winter of 2020
  • You will be able to update records, opportunities, and service calls using voice commands!

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