Data Services

Data Services

Our focus is productivity effort in the area of Sales, Marketing and Warehouse Management. We are partnered with several software vendors and technical partners to ensure the right mix of services and products are delivered on time and configured to your standards.

Understanding what is working for your organization starts with having measurable data for reporting. If you have multiple systems where your data resides, if it’s entered into each data source, chances are your data is not clean. We strongly suggest you examine your data and determine if all your data is serving a purpose. If it is incorrect, out of date, duplicated or just bad data like untraceable emails and names, determining if you want to keep maintaining that data is of consideration. Also, is your data normalized, uniform and properly segmented do you can market accurately?

The solutions we work with come at a variety of price points and include various functionality for different types of organizations. Many add or incorporate functions with other systems such as financial software, inventory and warehouse management tools, project management tools, job costing modules, pipeline reporting, sales activity, campaign and marketing spend, ROI and metrics for comprehensive solutions for users, managers, and owners.

Data Services we offer are :

  • Database Cleanup, Data Integrity
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Segmentation for sales, territory, reporting, and marketing purposes and many others
  • Data migration to other existing systems or new systems
  • Addition of functionality to transfer that data seamlessly to other systems, so the data stays clean.
  • API functionality to log in to third-party applications for a single view of all your data
  • Data Conversion for Implementation
  • Implementation of new software programs and third-party add-ons

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