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Data Services

We work with many solutions that come in a variety of budget levels for small to medium businesses. We usually take time to understand your current systems, what added features you need, your customer base, how they interact with you, and where you would like to streamline your processes and your budget restrictions.

We can make recommendations based on your specific requirements and budget that will meet or exceed your expectations. Our goal is to streamline your operations, eliminate redundant activity, automate workflow activities which increase accuracy and efficiencies. Should there be staff attrition these automations are still in place and do not need to be taught to new staff.

However, without consistently formatted and segmented data, you have no way to report on, forecast and compare the success of your efforts! Clean data is a foundation for success for many reasons. Read More….

Add Seamless Marketing and Mobile Applications

Did you know the best time period to follow up after an incoming lead is within an 18-24 hour window?

Prospects can be routed to the correct resource by a number of factors you define. Service calls can be refined and sent to the right service rep with a few pertinent questions. This keeps your sales staff busy, leads to not have to be entered by hand and the risk of errors and the need cor correction is significantly reduced. Read More…

Integrate eCommerce, and Automated Work Flows

The Integration of eCommerce and automated workflows substantially enhances your engagement with prospects and customers. Sophisticated online chat, workflow automation reminders of follow up calls or emails during the customer relationship experience keeps them engaged and satisfied. 

Customers are your life’s blood, so why not learn more about them, what makes them tick and do it in a manner that does not create additional work? You will be better informed, more competitive, and have a more satisfied customer base. Every time.  Read More…

Add AI to Augment Your Business Strategy

With sales and service AI your system can automatically search through all your data and bring relevant, crucial data to your attention. Determining the probability of the best prospect, analyzing your web traffic, evaluating your current inventory needs based on demand, and distributing the workload on field service agents. Learn More Here…

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