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Incorporate AI to Enhance Your Business Strategy

AI is everywhere. When you search on your computer for something, your results are based on Artificial intelligence. If you engage with an automated chatbot, or you see ads that look like something searched for previously, that’s AI. AI can save organizations time and money by pointing them to the most promising prospects in the pipeline, or analyzing your web traffic, inventory based on demand, or distributing the workflow to field agents.

Another result from AI is accuracy, efficiency and the ability to make informed decisions from all your data in a single interface.


  • Boost win rates by prioritizing leads and opportunities most likely to convert.
  • Discover pipeline trends and take action by analyzing sales cycles with prepackaged best practices.
  • Maximize time spent selling by automating data capture.


  • Accelerate case resolution by automatically predicting and populating fields on incoming cases to save time and reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Increase call deflection by resolving routine customer requests on real-time digital channels like web and mobile chat or mobile messaging.
  • Reduce handle time by collecting and qualifying customer info for seamless agent handoff.
  • Solve issues faster by giving your agents intelligent, in-context conversation suggestions and knowledge recommendations.


  • Understand your audience more deeply by uncovering consumer insights and making predictions.
  • Engage more effectively by suggesting when and on which channels to reach out to customers.
  • Create personalized 1:1 messages and content based on consumer preferences and intent.
  • Be more productive by streamlining marketing operations.


  • Increase revenue by showing shoppers the best products for them, and eliminate the time-consuming activity of manually merchandising each individual page.
  • Create highly visual dashboards to get a snapshot of your customer’s buying patterns and use these dashboards to power up your merchandising.
  • Personalize the explicit search (search via the search box), implicit search (browsing in the storefront catalog), and category pages for every shopper, saving your customers time and bringing your business more revenue.

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