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Optimize eCommerce, Automated Workflows

The Integration of eCommerce and automated workflows substantially enhances your engagement with prospects and customers. Sophisticated online chat, workflow automation reminders of follow up calls or emails during the customer relationship experience keeps them engaged and satisfied.  Customers are your life’s blood, so why not learn more about them, what makes them tick and do it in a manner that does not create additional work? You will be better informed, more competitive, and have a more satisfied customer base. Every time. 


eCommerce normally means an online application where your customers order goods and services and engage with you during the normal course of business. eCommerce also provides a wealth of information about your customers. When are they more likely to be on your website?

  • What day are they more likely?
  • Do you see a difference in buying patterns between
  • segments of your customer base?
  • Is your traffic seasonal? When is the high season?

This information is extremely valuable because it lets you understand your customer base better and you can market to them personally. In a digital world, everything is about the customer and, it is more successful as a ‘custom fit’. Using your current platforms to gather more information to market to segments of your customers at the right time, in the right format and when they are ready to buy, is crucial.

Automated WorkFlows

Workflow Automation refers to the design of processes based on the sequence of tasks, data or files are routed between people or systems based on pre-defined business rules, automatically.  Examples are:

  • Lead routing
  • Service call escalation
  • Automated responses to inquiries or follow up reminder tasks.
  • Renewal notices
  • HOA/Timeshare Maintenance fees Due
  • Community events
  • Sales for Special customers, loyalty programs

Automated Workflows are not limited to call trees. They can be applied to anything that is repetitive, has to be sone frequently and may have a potential for data errors or data integrity.

If you think about a simple example of a call tree where you press 1 for Joe and 2 for Juan. It’s identical only much more complex. Below I have a sample of a partial call tree that is 8 more levels deep and each level has multiple yes, no and maybe answers to determine where to route the call, prequalify it, send it to the right technician or hand it off to a live Chat person who can gather more information and handle the call. Or, give them the answer they need. It can be programmed any way you want and changed to suit your business model. This frees up time for your staff to handle the most important calls.

Complex Call Tree

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