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What We Do

C. Burdett Consulting an experienced background in sales, service, mechanical, construction, marketing, CRM implementation, and integration with third-party applications to increase efficiencies in customer-facing operations. An in-depth history of operations management, inventory, warehouse management, and accounting allow us to:

*Assess your existing systems for features that can meet your current operational goals optimizing your profitability.

*Discovering add-on functionality that enhances your existing sales, service, and marketing systems.

*Integrate or connecting existing systems for better reporting and analysis

*Locating the functionality you require at a price point you set.

*Upgrading technology to newer versions to take advantage of new features and functionality.

*Integrate eCommerce advancements to personalize your customer experience.

*Marketing Data Segmentation for personalized marketing campaigns for accurate ROI on marketing spend.

*Data Deduplication and cleanup for increased efficiency, reducing errors and duplicate efforts.

*Incorporating Automated workflows for reminders, automated emails, lead or call routing and assignment.

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Phone: 252-251-6400